This Summer’s Newest Trends for Bathrooms

A luxury bathroom remodel we completed in Hoboken

Free-standing Tubs: No one puts tubs in the corner anymore! Luxurious and deep tubs are often a focal point whether in front of a large window or below an intricate chandelier.

Patterned Tile: Elaborate Mediterranean-inspired tiles are all the rage, both on the floor and on the wall.

Vintage Vanities: No reason to have a cookie-cutter vanity any more! Antique dressers and cabinets are being resurrected as bathroom vanities, adding a custom look at a budget-friendly price.

Spa showers: As tubs claim their own stand-alone space, large shower stalls with his-and hers-shower heads and built-in benches are bringing a luxurious spa feel to the home

Heated floors: Why settle for a heated towel when you can have toasty warm heat beneath your feet? Whether it’s installed in one zone or the entire bathroom, heated flooring elevates your dull daily shower to a luxurious experience.