Renovating While on Vacation: Pros & Cons

At Hudson Home Improvement, we specialize in renovations in Jersey City, Hoboken and the surrounding areas. Renovating in urban areas means that we are experts in managing big changes in often tight quarters.

While we can often work around client’s schedules and needs during large renovations, sometimes we work with clients who prefer we do the bulk of the work while they’re out of town.

If you’re considering having a renovation done while you’re away, here are a few reasons why to consider doing so:

  • There is no daily interruption to your daily routine. No need to worry about how to cook or where to shower during a major renovation if you’re on a beach!
  • Instead of getting back from to a work-in-progress, you can leave town with the house mid-process and come back with a whole new living area.
  • Though leaving town might mean you’re not present to check daily progress, we use BuilderTrend Project Management system and post photos on-line as well as a daily log with updates so you can see exactly what we’re doing.

If you’re considering a renovation–especially a multi-room one–talk to your contractor and see if you can schedule the work to be done when you’re out of town, without the fear of being out of touch.