How To Prepare Your Windows For Cool Weather

Summer is barely over, but cool weather is slowly creeping in. This is the ideal time to prepare windows for cold weather.
To prevent the cold from entering around the home, scrape off old caulk or peeling paint from the windows perimeter. With a damp scrub brush, remove dirt and dust and wipe dry.

Then apply caulk, creating a continuous wind-blocking seal between the window frame and siding. Be sure to use an exterior-grade caulk. Both 100% silicone sealant and “siliconized” acrylic caulk adhere well and will remain flexible for years.

After caulking around the outside of the window, move inside and use weatherstripping to seal around the sash–the movable parts of a window. Adhesive-backed foam is one of the more popular style of weatherstripping but there are various kinds to suit your needs.

These two steps can help keep your home warm and bills low.