How to Prepare for a Home Renovation

You’ve been dreaming of a renovation, you’ve found a reliable contractor and you think you’re ready to get started. Here are a few things to consider before you sign the dotted line for your new project.

  1. Do your research: before starting the work, you need to know which design styles appeal to you. Do you want modern? Traditional? A rustic look? A good contractor can help you make selections which work with the interior of your home, but being informed in advance makes the process go more smoothly.
  2. Pick designs that last: Once you know your style, try to choose the more classic selections and save the trendy items for accessories (decor, pillows, patterned curtains) that can easily be re-imagined in years to come.
  3. Do one room or do it all: Though it can be overwhelming to have a large remodel going on, sometimes it’s easier–and more cost effective–to remodel multiple rooms at a time, especially if they all tie in together. For example, if you’re replacing flooring on one part of your house, extending that look in an open floor plan can pull the space together as well as provide a cost savings in flooring.
  4. Have a plan: It’s never smart to start doing work on a house without a plan. When we work with customers, we first come up with a design plan for the space and calculate pricing that include fixtures, appliances and even the paint color.
  5. Keep talking: Renovating can be tough on homeowners, but by keeping the lines of communication open with your spouse, your contractor and designer, chances are you’ll be happier with the results.