HHI’s Partnership with The National Association of the Remodeling Industry

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) is an important professional association to remodelers nationwide. They provides educational seminars, conferences for networking and learning, and certifications for those constantly want to improve and succeed in the construction industry. Hudson Home Improvement has been a proud member of and contributor to North Jersey NARI for the last three years.
Last year, HHI Managing Member, Joseph Shoback, led a 12-week course to contractors seeking certification as a Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler. After the course, all members were required to pass an exam to demonstrate their proficiency in the field in order to become certified.

Hudson Home Improvement won two Contractor of the Year Awards in January! The awards won were for the Best Residential Kitchen Remodel and the Best Interior Remodel!

In 2016, two HHI employees, Patricia MacLean and Osvaldo Angarita, completed a 10-week NARI course and certification exam and both earned the NARI Remodeling Project Manager Certification.

After years of serving informally as a mentor, Joseph Shoback, became an officer of the NJ NARI Board of Directors so that he make an impact on the governance of NARI in the coming year.