Dream Kitchen Must-Haves

While most of us don’t have the luxury of creating the big beautiful kitchen we dream of, there are ways to build some luxury into kitchens of every size.

Here are a few “must-haves” for folks who want a little something special in their kitchen.

Under-cabinet wine refrigerator

Wine refrigerators used to be the domain of the rich and famous, but now the perfectly-chilled white wines can be just an arm’s length away, tucked into youre newly designed kitchen cabinets.

Quiet dishwasher

Imagine the joy of wrapping up a delicious meal, loading up a dishwasher and hearing…nothing. A quiet dishwasher can be the best quiet one has ever heard, especially in small quarters or when sleeping babies are nearby.

Hands-free faucet

Never worry about having a free hand in the kitchen again! Multi-tasking takes on new proportion when you have a hands-free faucet installed. Easy to handle and easy to clean, hands-free faucets make cooking up a storm–and cleaning up–simpler than ever.

Induction cooktop

Want a cooktop that never gets hot? A kitchen that stays a little cooler while cooking?Try an induction cooktop! Induction cooking heats by magnetic induction,heating up the vessel, not the cooktop. More energy efficient than gas and traditional electric cooktops, this could be a luxury that keeps little fingers and master chefs just a little safer.