Adding a Skylight to your Townhome

One of the perks of owning a townhome or brownstone in Jersey City, Hoboken and other urban cities is the space afforded by having multiple floors. The downside is that such homes are often squeezed in between other houses and don’t have a lot of natural light.

One solution for a dark room is to add a skylight to your home. When placed strategically, a skylight can suffuse a room with sunshine and brighten the entire space. A few things to keep in mind while considering adding a skylight:

  • North-facing skylights will provide a soft light throughout the day. Skylights facing south are more likely to overheat a room.
  • Consider tinted glass that block ultraviolet rays to prevent causing furniture or cabinetryto fade. Built-in blinds are another options.
  • Aesthetically, skylights look best when placed at the back of a home, where they won’t ruin the more traditional look of the facade.
  • Make sure the skylight fits the room. A small skylight will not serve the purpose of brightening the room if it’s too high and too far removed.

Done properly, a skylight can provide a dramatic focal point that brightens any room.